As a content designer and UX writer, here are a few things I’ve done: 

  • Reduced cancellations by 16% by creating an innovative flow alongside product designers.
  • Helped grow a subscription program by 1.8 million members.
  • Created new processes to strengthen cross-functional relationships and ensure content proposals stood up to challenges.
  • Developed an easy-to-use platform from scratch for hoteliers for 18.5 million customers in 46 different countries.
  • Revised 30,000 lines of in-product copy to ensure adherence to our tone of voice.
  • Then led an internal team of experts to do the same in 5 key languages.

No matter what business objective or user goal I’m working on, I advocate for making content an integral part of the design process.

I love working in international environments, collaboratively across teams, and with a vision of the product from end-to-end. 

Case studies are available upon request.