How Big Data solutions can help you comply with the EU’s Road Safety Programme


The European Union has called for a reduction in traffic fatalities, but conventional methods have reached their limit. For data analytics company Bismart , this piece discusses how Big Data solutions can help local administrations to fight traffic fatalities in a cost-effective and streamlined way:

“Here at Bismart, we’re experts at using Big Data solutions to help solve real life problems. Right now, countries across the world are facing a real problem: traffic fatalities. European countries are taking a particularly close look at the issue in light of the European Union’s Road Safety Programme, which sets ambitious goals to halve traffic fatalities by 2020….

The problem? Organizations trying to reduce road traffic accidents simply don’t have enough resources to further bring down the rate of accidents. There aren’t any more checkpoints, signposts, or staff to add. Local departments are stuck – they don’t have any more of these resources.

Conventional solutions have done as much as they can. If we truly want to reduce traffic fatalities, then it’s imperative we look to technology…” 

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Bismart specializes in Big Data and data analytics. Their solutions are aimed at using technology to solve real problems for governments, local administrations, and businesses. They are a Microsoft preferred partner.