5 Challenges Social Services Face When Dealing With Data – and How to Solve Them

Read my latest piece for Bismart blog, which explains some of the current challenges social services organizations face when implementing Big Data solutions:

‘New technology is extremely powerful, and all types of organizations and companies have access to huge amounts of data. However, simply having lots of data isn’t enough; organizations also need to have a way to get real insights from it. If this can be done, data can be used to help us solve a wide range of problems. One particular area that has a lot of potential gain from Big Data is social services.

Data-driven insights can go a long way to improving quality of life for people at risk. Social services generally have access to personal data about individuals that can help them understand a person’s economic circumstances and evaluate which type of assistance they need.

But social services are often overwhelmed…” 

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Bismart is a Microsoft Partner technology company with headquarters in Barcelona. They specialize in cutting-edge technology to turn data into insights and profit for business and government. They focus on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.