6 Real Examples of Cities Making Roads Smarter – and Safer

For the Bismart blog, I wrote a piece focused on how cities around the world are using technology to reduce traffic fatalities, including the use of  a solution developed by the company for the city of Barcelona:

“Today’s cities are smarter than ever, but there are still many ways technology can help us achieve even more. One area that many cities around the world are trying to improve using technological advances is traffic fatalities. Serious injuries and deaths from traffic-related accidents happen around the world, so many cities are working hard on solutions already.

While cities are generally safer overall, there are also some worrying trends happening. In Europe, traffic-related deaths were steadily decreasing, until 2015, when the trend reversed. In the U.S…..” 

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Bismart is a company based that specializes in big data and data analytics. Their solutions that are specifically tailored to each client to help their data work for them. They won Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year in Business Intelligence in 2013.