9 of the Biggest Event Planning Fails Ever

This piece was written for the event planning section at the Printsome blog:

“OK, it’s showtime! You’ve been planning this event for weeks. You’ve got every little detail nailed down, all your systems in place, the T-shirts have been printed in bulk and a solid team of volunteers is ready to go. Nothing could possibly go awry, right?

Wrong — as any event planner knows! Even the best-planned events often have something that doesn’t go according to plan. Still, most of the time your guests won’t even notice that things aren’t quite as they should be.

But not with these epic event planning fails….”

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Printsome is a startup t-shirt printing agency that focuses on making getting great custom tees quick and simple. Their whole business is about making the experience as easy as possible for you. Their clients have included Sony, Facebook, Amazon, and the BBC.